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Sustainable Practices

At Knowledge Cotton Apparel, we aim high! Our garments are produced by certified manufacturing partners using sustainable methods and materials. To track the progress of our responsible environmental practices, we have defined the following targets!


Usage of organic cotton and sustainable materials

100% Organic Woven Cotton apparel is durable, hard-wearing and will last for a long time. And it ensures the Earth will too.
By 2020, we aim to save the environment from 800,000 liters of chemicals and pesticides through the use of organic cotton and sustainable materials.


Recycling PET Bottles

PET is PolyEthylene Terephthalate, a type of plastic derived from petroleum used to make soft drink bottles. Using recycled PET, we create recycled PET Polyester. Polyester is very resilient, quick drying, and easy to wash while keeping its shape.
Compared to the use of virgin polyester, this reduces CO2 emissions by 80% and works as follows:

  1. The empty plastic bottles are fished out of the sea
  2. They are collected, shredded and then turned into pellets
  3. The melted-down pellets are spun into yarn from which fabrics are knitted or woven
  4. Those fabrics are used to make the final garments.
In the end, 25 old PET bottles can be transformed into one KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL jacket.


Our goal for 2020 is to have recycled more than 4.5 million plastic bottles to create recycled PET polyester for our sustainable garments.


Becoming Carbon Neutral

CO2 or Carbon Dioxide is currently the largest threat to the environment. Humans add Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere when they burn fossil fuels or drive vehicles powered by gasoline. To take our first step towards the reduction of harmful CO2 affecting our atmosphere, we produced 15% of our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection in carbon neutral factories, powered 100% by clean green wind power.
Our latest objective for 2025 is to become 100% carbon neutral throughout our supply and distribution chain by working with carbon neutral factories that are 100% powered by green energy.




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